A monetary policy that achieves monetary and financial stability, which contributes to achieving economic and social development in the Autonomous Administration areas


A sense of responsibility and commitment towards the institution and those dealing with it, such as integrity, transparency, excellence and belonging

the message

Achieving monetary stability by stabilizing the general level of prices and contributing to providing an attractive and stimulating investment environment for economic and social development


Maintaining monetary stability and contributing to encouraging economic and social development in accordance with the economic policies of the Autonomous Administration aimed at achieving social justice.



215+Exchange and remittance companies
302+Exchange offices
7+Office branches
1+Electronic payment systems
1+Payment service providers

Financial And Banking Stability

Banking stability reflects the ability of the monetary office to absorb negative shocks to the economy, which makes the regulatory and supervisory authorities give it great attention and seek to establish it at the level of all institutions that make up the banking system.


Office working mechanism

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Future visions

The door to safety swings on hinges of common sense.

Financial development

You get what you inspect, not what you expect in systems.

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Electronic payment

Electronic payment is a method of conducting financial transactions or paying bills and collecting money online through an electronic medium without the use of checks or cash.

Electronic cash transfer

It is a method used to carry out transfer operations by informing our bank via electronic media of payment data related to electronic transfer transfers (EFT) and bulk transfers that the customer will make, easily, quickly and securely.

Electronic money

Electronic money is the currency that is stored electronically on websites or electronic systems, or on its own digital databases. This definition contradicts the concept of traditional, tangible currency, knowing that the value of money or electronic currency is supported by fiat fiat currency, and it is possible to make a transfer between the two currencies easily. Electronic money is called digital money or digital currency

Pay bills via card

Electronic bill payment is a feature of online, mobile and telephone banking, similar to its effect on a Giro account, allowing a financial institution customer to transfer funds from their transaction or credit card account to a creditor or vendor such as a public interest, a store or an individual credited to a specific account.